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Three French Bullgod Puppies



We offer full-service dog grooming from our mobile salon in San Francisco, Penisula and San Jose Area , CA. You'll appreciate the love and care that we put into washing each pet as if it was our own. Plus, you can focus on the rest of your schedule and come home to a clean pooch. Treat your dog to mobile dog grooming services today.


The price will vary according to the size of your Dog!.

Full cleaning:

Including trimming nails, ears cleaning, attention to anal gland sanitary trimming, Doggie Cologne, teeth brush.

Small $80
Medium $90
Large $110
Xlarge $140
Giant $160

Full Grooming:

(Full Cleaning included and Styling Trimming)

Small $110
Medium $120
Large $160
XLarge $180
Giant $200


Nails $50

Dog Skunk-Off:

Special skunk shampoo, designed to remove most of that skunk odor. Dogs are very
curious, there is a chance he or she might get sprayed by a skunk.

S $210
M $230
L $250
XL $289
Giant $320

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